Story - Dear Saigon

Dear Saigon,

We remember the taste like it was just yesterday.

The aroma of beef bone broth wafting across the streets, the slurp of pho that always attracted the rickshaw boys, the crispy bite of vegetables in clear wraps, and the sip of old Viet coffee on a rainy afternoon.

It felt like a dream so dear to our hearts that we couldn’t help but share it with many more people who are going to love the authentic taste of Vietnam. In 2014, we founded the first restaurant in Toronto and began taking our customers on a gustatory tour to the city in our memories.

With each bowl of pho, we have thrown in our passion for food and love for our hometown. We select the best natural ingredients to craft the perfect taste, using the same care that you have given to us when we were in the doting arms of dear Saigon.

It all started in
Little Saigon…

The founders of Dear Saigon held within themselves many burgeoning dreams when they immigrated to Canada. One of them was to recreate a city of Saigon on the palate, a dream of vacation for people to escape to when their lips touch the bowl.

In 2014, the first restaurant was born in Toronto under the name of Little Saigon. The authentic food and the holiday vibe soon attracted individuals and families in the area.

Journey to Vietnam

Our pho and dishes follow the culinary traditions that make every sip and bite feel like a vacation to Vietnam. We pride ourselves in the commitment to high standards and quality, which has earned us a reputation among the local crowd.

Today, we are upgrading our dining experience to make your journey to Vietnam feel more exciting than ever. Come take your seat and let the journey begin!


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